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Business Name: Shooters Mate

As avid black powder shooters for a number of years, Shooters Mate are well aware of the tinkering that goes on behind the scenes to bring the best performance to the range. With experimentation being such a key part of the hobby, the aim of Shooters Mate is to share our black powder shooting experiences and innovations.

Shooting black powder really is a black art and Shooters mate aims to aid you in your experimentations. The Shooters Mate black powder compressor allows you to produce a batch of bullets all to the same weight of compression, anywhere on the scale of the gauge. This offers greatly improved shooting accuracy, time after time. It's a much safer way of reloading bullets too. Find out more about black powder shooting on on the Shooters Mate website.

Business Details

Shooters Mate,
Carr Road,
Gringley on the Hill,
Near Doncaster,
DN10 4SN.

Website :