Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Business Name: Digitech Business Equipment

Digitech Business Equipment take pride in providing award-winning customer service and photocopier support. In the photocopier industry there is big emphasis on service response and we believe response starts as soon as you call, fax or email your request, sometimes even before. We monitor our service response statistics closely and aim to provide top quality service.

All incoming calls are logged to ensure that we can keep a check on response times, and maintain high standards. Few service support companies in similar industries can match our real response times.  We are always working on new ways to reduce our averages and over the 19 years in business we have learned that preventative photocopier maintenance is key. All of our contracted copier printers are subject to our rigorous service regimes and all supplies/parts fitted are original OEM manufacturers.

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Digitech Business Equipment,
63 Heaton Street,

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