Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Business Name: Elite Ground Products

The Elite Ground Products rotary manure spreader is designed to be towed by any type of vehicle which has its own drive and a towing point. All models of the rotary manure spreader are powered from the ground via two land driven wheels. The manure spreader is very simple in both design and function and has numerous benefits over conventional manure spreaders.

It allows almost everyday manure spreading throughout the seasons minimising damage to paddocks and fields. Benefit from simple and ease of manoeuvrability and eliminate the requirement to stockpile manure around the yard. Shredded manure is evenly discharged. No more large clumps scattered around taking time to break down.

Business Details

Elite Ground Products,
Warren Farm,
WR6 5QT.

Website : http://www.elitegroundproducts.com