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Business Name: Wenmar Beef Shorthorns

Wenmar Beef Shorthorns offer shorthorn cattle genetics from North America, Canada and Australia, direct from centres in the UK. Frozen cattle embryos are available direct from embryonics, our preferred UK based embryo technician partners. We tailor the cost of our cattle genetics packages to suit your specific requirement.

Each cattle breeding package will start off with a base cost for an embryo. You are then able to select how far you would like us to support you through the project. Over the last few years, we have visited farms and exhibitions in Canada and North America selecting cattle genetics which we feel will assist in enhancing our Shorthorn breed here in the UK.

We at Wenmar Beef Shorthorns are not cattle dealers, we are shorthorn breeders who wish to use the worldwide cattle genetic pool to enhance and strengthen our breed for the future market. Increasing interest in using worldwide genetics here in the UK longer term will have two benefits; it will give us all easy access to, and selectively use worldwide genetics to improve our Shorthorn breed, and, as numbers of cattle breeders using this tool increase, the required skills and success levels will improve which will reduce the project cost.

We are also happy to discuss and agree any other options you may have, ranging from specific sires or dams through to bespoke cattle semen collections and importation.

Business Details

Wenmar Beef Shorthorns,
Warren Farm,
WR6 5QT.

Website : http://www.wenmarbeefshorthorns.com